I began Artists for Progress as a personal mission to use my resources to raise funds for organizations serving the marginalized and oppressed, especially as a result of the social and political events happening in our country right now. I wanted to turn my fear and frustration into service.

We artists are rallying together, using our voice and medium to fight hate with hope. We are showing the world that we won’t go silently—that progress, creativity, and judiciousness still matter in this weird, new, reality-television version of America. Because if history has taught us anything, it’s that hope never loses, and that together we can keep our beautiful country progressing towards acceptance, tolerance, and love.

This is an uncertain time, one that could have rendered us immobile, but has instead mobilized us for change. We are artists as activists, a new resistance with a voice so loud a corrupt government cannot silence us. We will use every medium and discipline to channel a people’s despair and fear into the most meaningful works of art of our careers and of our lifetime. This is our revolution. This is art with purpose. We are artists for truth. We are artists for inclusiveness. We are Artists for Progress

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