Artist Statement

Using a blowtorch like a paintbrush, I create abstract encaustic paintings – organic interpretations of minerals, landscapes, and celestial forms. Encaustic allows me to slowly construct and hide imagery, as if we’re looking at something under the surface of a frozen lake or discovering the secrets embedded in an agate. I’m interested in the dualities of revelation and concealment, depth and surface, past and present.

My process is intuitive and experimental, but strongly connected to history. I use traditional encaustic materials and processes – beeswax, damar resin, and colored pigment on wood panels – combining tradition with contemporary expressionism and hints of personal narrative.

I experiment with scale as well. Larger panels (up to 60 inches across) surround us in ethereal topographies and smaller (12 inch) works draw us into intimate encounters with texture and depth.

While my paintings are not literal, they can refer to personal memories or physical encounters with the natural world. I frequently draw on my involvement in street culture, the underground music scene and my love of the rugged natural environment of the Pacific Northwest. Titles such as Sex with Drake or Crash of Winter allude to these personal connections but it is also important that the works open up far beyond myself.

I strive to create paintings that are, themselves, immersive experiences, evoking sensations that are fluid and meditative but edged with intensity. I am often inspired by loose, soft, natural phenomena but like to combine these elements with stronger forces. Again, contrasts appeal to me, like the beauty of a decaying, fallen tree or a painful memory softened over time.



Jennifer Ament is a printmaker and painter. Her work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the West Coast and in New York City, including the Frye Art Museum, The National Arts Club, Out of Sight, Gage Academy of Art, and The Vera Project.

Her commercial clients include Starbucks, The Derschang Group, Frankie & Jos, JuiceBox, and The Runaway. Her large-scale public murals have been commissioned by Urban Artworks and Starbucks. 

Her work has been featured in numerous art and style publications, including Architectural Digest, Huffington Post, Elle Décor, The Jealous Curator, Sunset Magazine, House Beautiful, Seattle Met Magazine, Seattle Magazine, GRAY Magazine, Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Magazine, and Luxe Magazine.

She received a BFA from the San Francisco Academy of Art in 1995, and has since studied at the Gage Academy of Arts and the Pratt Fine Arts Center. She is the founder of Artists For Progress. She lives and works in Seattle, WA. 






Lives and works in Seattle, WA

(206) 225-9107 



2011 Gage Academy of Arts, Painting and Encaustic

2009 Pratt Fine Arts Center, Printmaking

1995 San Francisco Academy of Art



2017 Future Prophesies The Piranha Shop - Seattle, WA

2015 Juicebox - Seattle, WA

2015 Future Regrets Maison Luxe - Seattle, WA

2015 Maker/Agent - Seattle, WA

2014 Maison Luxe - Seattle, WA

2013 Maison Luxe - Seattle, WA

2013 Far 4, Seattle - WA

2012 West Elm - Seattle, WA

2012 Claw and Feather, Moss & Daughters–  Mill Valley, CA

2011 Feather and Disguise, Velocity Art & Design–  Seattle, WA


















2017 The Volunteer Park Conservatory for Girl Haus Productions, Seattle, WA

2017 Many Lands, Bridge Productions, Seattle, WA

2017 Artists For Progress, The Piranha Shop, Seattle, WA

2016 Art Mora, New York, NY

2016 Accessible Art Fair, New York, NY

2016 Out of Sight, Seattle, WA

2015 Starbucks Local Artist, Seattle, WA

2013 Best of Gage, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA

2011 Best of Gage, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA

2010 Honest, The Vera Project, Seattle, WA


Clients / Collections:


Commercial Clients:

2017 Juicebox, Seattle, WA

2017 Frankie & Jo's, Seattle, WA

2016 Tallulah's, Seattle, WA

2016 Starbucks, Seattle, WA

Permanent Collections:

Thompson Hotel – Seattle, WA

Juicebox – Seattle, WA

Sorento Hotel – Seattle, WA

Dunbar Room – Seattle, WA

Pike Motorworks Bldg. – Seattle, WA

Luma Condominiums – Seattle, WA

Seatac Airport – International Terminal A Starbucks

Insignia Luxury Towers – Seattle WA

Spruce – Seattle, WA

Tallulah’s – Seattle, WA

Vestal - Seattle, WA

Willows Lodge - Seattle, WA


2016 Luxe Magasine

2016 Architectural Digest 

2016 Seattle Magazine

2015 GRAY Magazine

2014 Sunset Magazine

2014 House Beautiful

2014 The Jealous Curator

2014 Lonny Magazine

2014 Apartment 34

2013 Huffington Post

2013 Apartment 34


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